Turbo 182 Delivered

We finally have been able to fly the Turbo 182 to Bolivia.  The goal has been to import it so it will be a Bolivian registered airplane.  Why do that?  Because then we are able to fly to remote airstrips that have no control tower.  This gives a greater reach into the remote villages and ranches we currently cannot get to in order to provide medical missionary services.

There were so many hurdles to jump over to get this plane approved and flown down – I don’t think there’s enough space to write it all down here, but, to give you an idea the US requires the airplane to be brought up to “export air worthiness’.

So the airplane was inspected, repaired, upgraded, and finally approved for export.  Then, the Bolivian requirements are for the notarized copies of the bill of sale, registration, air worthiness certificates and logbook entries showing the airplane is in compliance with inspection updates.

After about 6 months of this it was finally approved!!  Then, the clamp holding the exhaust to the turbo failed.  We waited for parts to get that fixed.  After that, its annual inspection status expired.  Yet another 2 weeks went by and more dollars to have it inspected.

Once that was done we needed to install a ferry tank and get a fuel flow instrument installed so we could make the long non-stop over water flight from Florida to Puerto Rico.  Since hurricane Maria and Irma took out the Bahama’s and wrecked havoc in the Caribbean islands we had to make it non-stop.

So the fuel flow instrument got installed in Florida the day before the actual flight.  There was only one flight to test the accuracy of the new instrument, and it was off to Puerto Rico.

As you can see in this picture, Puerto Rico sustained damage from hurricane Maria.  This used to be the hangar and operations area for one of the local suppliers of fuel.  Well, they had fuel there, but no Wifi for me to file a flight plan and manifest information to Customs and Border Protection in order to exit the USA.

So, I taxied over to Customs and Immigration in order to officially export the airplane.  That went smoothly but they had no internet either.  Again, back in the plane to taxi over to another location where we usually got fuel.  They didn’t have fuel but fortunately they had WiFi.  Praise the Lord.

Now it was on to Grenada to spend Sabbath with the family operating the radio station there on the island.



We had a wonderful Sabbath together and the church family there was so friendly and passionate about truth.  They had a very good lesson study and Pathfinder group.

Sunday morning it was time to fly to Guyana South America and meet up with David and Becky Gates, Daniel Baquiero, Lincoln and David Flores the missionary Dentist from Peru.

We had three airplanes and 5 pilots!!  David and Becky flew the twin down to Bolivia while Lincoln, Daniel, and David Flores and I flew to Manaus Brazil.  We spent the night at the missionary base with Leon and his wife and daughter on the Amazon river.


We appreciate your thoughts and prayers for the process is not easy.  We pray continually that our characters will reveal Christ’s love and kindness to the people we meet during the frustrating and exhausting challenges we deal with during these trips.

God  is so faithful to look after us by His protection and guidance.


Medical Air Ambulance

Up to this point the types of medical flights we have been making have been to transport patients from rural locations to a city hospital.  This is helpful of course and the patients are grateful to get to the hospital but we are seeing the need to be able to provide care while in transit and are looking for an airplane with the capability to provide air ambulance services.

The kind of airplane we need is one that can carry more weight while traveling quickly from point to point.  There is equipment made in the USA by MedPac that is a self-contained unit with loading ramp, stretcher, Oxygen, 110 inverters, suction pump, and an air pump.

This equipment will not fit in the current Cessna 340 because the cabin is too small so we are looking for a bigger more capable airplane called a Cessna Conquest 441.

With the on-site clinic at Red Advenir being close to completion we anticipate being able to bring some patients directly to our clinic for care.  What a blessing this could be to many more people than is possible now.  Once there is a recovering patient we will be able to speak the words of salvation to them and their families, and they in turn can bring the message back to their villages as well.

We need not only a bigger airplane and medical equipment but also need fuel tanks on the airstrip so we can re-fuel on base without having to make another stop at the nearby airport for fuel.

Our vision includes making trips to remote villages on a pro-active basis to provide medical care and evangelism on a recurring basis.  In this way we will become more acquainted with their needs and they will become familiar with the gospel message through medical missionary work.

We ask that you please pray for God to provide the airplane, equipment, fuel tanks and the operational funds to expand the capabilities of the medical mission work here in Bolivia.

Bee Ware!

Recently, Brandtley was asked to fly beehives 500 miles north to the school in Guayaramerin so they can learn how to work with bees and grow the hives. Well, that is not a normal request!

Can you imagine what might happen if the bees got out of their hives while we were flying? Don’t they sting people when you’re close to their home?  This could be a very painful flight if not done right.

So, who could we ask for help?  Of course God can do anything. So, we prayed that the bees would be calm and there would be no stinging at all.  And guess what? God answered our prayers.

But not without first testing our faith.

During the flight, over 200 bees got out and were flying inside the cabin.  They were going everywhere trying to get out.  They were landing on our heads, arms, faces, and of course crawling on the airplane windows, but none of them would sting!

They were our friends in flight! It’s amazing how little creatures like them are so obedient to their Creator! The bees with their hives arrived safely in the school.

Baby Rescue (almost)

One Friday, we received a call from one of the volunteers about a baby born 2 months premature. The baby needed to be transported to the a hospital that has facilities for premature babies. The baby was on oxygen and IV, but needed to be in a better facility for extended care.

There was not enough fuel in the plane to make the flight without going to the local airport for fuel. Going there would cause about a 4-hour delay to wait for the clouds to lift in order to land and then go through the process of refueling, filing a flight plan, and going to narcotics for inspection.

All these delays might put the baby at further risk.  There just happened to be enough fuel in gas cans at our base in Red A De Venir to go directly to our destination. Praise the Lord for that!

We safely transported to bay with the nurse, and aunts. The doctor directed the family to go to another city which is nearer than Sta. Cruz, even though Sta. Cruz would have been a better choice because it’s a much bigger city with more hospitals and better facilities than the smaller towns.

The father arrived at the hospital after a day’s trip by bus. We we’re saddened to get the news that the baby got a blood infection and passed away after a week.

May the Lord bless their hearts!

Heaven-ordained Car

We have been in need of a vehicle in Sta. Cruz for quite some time to carry students, patients, volunteers, supplies to various places or simple to do errands around town. So, we started looking into what it will take to purchase a car.  Since the type of trips vary a lot from transporting people or hauling food on a trailer, and it does rain in Sta. Cruz, we decided an SUV would work best rather than a pickup or passenger car.

Initially we thought of buying a 10 or 15-year-old SUV for maybe US$2000 – 4000. As we looked at the SUV’s on the market we found they cost US$10,000 – 15,000! Bolivia does not make any vehicles in country so every vehicle is imported.  It is because Customs adds another $5000 to the price of the vehicle for duty tax when it’s imported.

Well, we don’t have that kind of money, but we know who does ~~our Father in Heaven. So we prayed He would provide a vehicle for us.

We prayed for about 4 weeks until we heard that one of the missionary families was selling their SUV.  Turns out they were praying for a buyer so they could move to another place to do mission work!


A fellow missionary helped us to temporarily fix a problem so we could drive back to home base.

As we discussed and evaluated the SUV we knew it had a history of problems but we both believed God had brought us together on this issue.  Since we didn’t have $10,000 to pay for the car they would allow us to make payments.  Knowing it was sold, they believed God was giving them the sign to move forward.

So we bought the car and thanked God for giving us both an answer to prayer.  Then next day we drove the car to the market and were so thankful we had wheels.  That afternoon we were on our way to a birthday party for one of the missionary children and the car overheated and blew a head gasket.

As it turns out there were numerous other problems with the car too.  One of the volunteers told me that in these situations people will usually take the car back or get the price lowered to compensate for the issues.  I told him we both believed the transaction was of God and I would not do that.  I knew the car had issues and God would provide a way to fix it.  He said, “OK, I trust in that too.”

The next day, he called me and said, “Guess what?”  He was talking with one of his friends about what happened with the car and the friend said, “Tell me how much it will cost and I will pay for the repairs.”  Wow!  God provided a donor to fix the car!!

What a great lesson I learned.  If we believe God has given an answer to prayer, then believe!  Also believe that God will provide the means to make that answer complete.  We cannot be like Abraham and Sarah who tried to answer God’s promise in their own way by having a child with a second wife.  Waiting patiently for His answer and letting Him solve it in His way will allow it to turn out perfectly!

We praise God for answering our prayer for a car and for providing a way to get it fixed.  Now we wait on Him to provide the rest of the money.  We paid $2000 so far and need another $8000 to finish it.

As of now, this is the condition of the car…


Pedro Lorenzo via Sardine Express

Pedro Lorenzo Church in Sta. Cruz Bolivia
Pedro Lorenzo Church

On our second time to attend Pedro Lorenzo Church we felt the warmer welcome of our brothers and sisters with handshakes and kisses.  Even though we couldn’t understand everything (it’s all in Spanish) we can still join in worshiping God through a language which transcends all barriers and everyone can understand~~MUSIC!

Red ADVenir organized a Cantata headed by Benjamin. The church was well-attended by members and missionaries. The missionaries sang songs accompanied by tracks and trumpets.

RED ADVenir choir singing
RED ADVenir Choir with Benjamin Calle as the conductor

Pastor David Gates gave the message, in Spanish of course. My husband and I, armed with our cellphones, used Google Text translator which translated some of the words into amusing, and scrambled English. We were left to decipher the “codes.” We gave up and just sat there like mummified couple with blinking eyes. We sure felt the need to hasten our Spanish lessons 🙂

Introducing our “Sardine Express”

Since we don’t have a vehicle of our own, my husband and I hopped into the “Sardine Express” 🙂  13 people inside an 8-seater SUV! What a thrill! We will surely callous our knees and beg God to give us another vehicle that can be used to transport people (especially during market day!) and equipment to other places.

10 people in the sardine express
You can’t see the other girl, but there are 10 of them at the back
13 people in the sardine express
And here are the other 3 to complete the (un)lucky 13 of the sardine express

It took several trips to take us all back to the Canal (channel) and it took a strong stomach to endure hunger cause we had our lunch at almost 2pm. My husband and I didn’t have breakfast that morning, a lesson for us~~eat before church! 🙂

Please help us pray for another vehicle and also pray for Pedro Lorenzo church.

Happy in the Service of the King,
Brandtley & Jenyve

Washing Machine for Missionaries

My husband and I are working as full-time missionaries in Bolivia. One of the things that we noticed is the need to support, not only the ministry, but the volunteers as well. Let us tell more about it 🙂

Why the campaign?
First, there is only one (1) washing machine available for 50 missionaries to use. Since we are all working whole day during the week days, we are usually tired, hungry, and no time to wash clothes at the end of the day.

Sunday is laundry day and everybody needs to wash their clothes. That means that some need to wake up so early and put their names on the time slots on the white board what time they would be available to wash their clothes (photo below). I myself had to wait for an available time slot, and by the time it’s available, it was already dark. Poor washing machine, it needs to work hard all day. 😦

Second, appliances are expensive here in Bolivia. Most of us are self-supporting, so we don’t have spare cash to buy a washing machine.

After praying about it, I decided to raise funds to buy another washing machine for the missionaries to use.

Who will benefit from this campaign?
The hard-working missionaries. One way of supporting them is to make their lives less difficult by having clean and dry clothes when they need them, especially during rainy season.

How would it benefit the missionaries?
That would enable more people to do their laundry before night-time when there is no sun to dry them. It will also give them more time to work without worrying whether they have clean clothes to wear or have to wear the same dirty clothes again the next day. Plus, it will lessen the load for the one, and only washing machine we have. 🙂

Would they be grateful?
Definitely! We would all be grateful for this simple gift and would definitely ensure that the missionaries will have clean and dry clothes to wear everyday.

We believe that we are ambassadors for Christ and we are His representatives. It would be a shame to represent the Majesty of Heaven by wearing smelly, dirty and unwashed clothes! 🙂

How would I know if my donation goes to where it is intended to?
You can always contact me and I will show you pictures, even videos, of the washing machine when it is purchased and being use by the missionaries. 🙂

Please help us pray that we will reach our goal, by God’s grace!

Click here to go to the campaign

Thank you and May God bless your kind hearts!

Brandtley & Jenyve

Medivacs and New School Teacher

Time is Flying By

This past week has flown by…literally!!  Sunday and Monday I flew to four destinations delivering a mother and her daughter back home who had surgery on her jaw, another mother and baby with a cleft palate, and moving missionaries and supplies to Rurrenabaque and Guayaramerin locations where our orphanage and schools are located.FB_IMG_1491183750435

School is underway!!

There are 70 students at the Richard Gates Industrial School in Guayaramerin this year!!  And they are almost done with the new airstrip.  Steve Wilson and his family will be based there in another month to start flying Medivac trips from that location.

Students in Richard Gates School
Richard Gates Industrial School Cafeteria

Under construction buildings in Richard Gates School in Guayaramerin.

Photos are taken by Brandtley.

In this school, the students are not only learning Academics but also Practical Arts that are useful for them.

Above photos are from Ruben Ritcher

San Joaquin Medical Team

On Wednesday, we flew a medical and dental team out to San Joaquin to conduct a 5-day free medical clinic and evangelical effort.  They brought 72 Bibles and 216 Steps to Christ books to hand out along with all the medical supplies.

The pilots with the medical team.

Thursday we flew to Brazil to comply with the Bolivian law requiring non Bolivian registered airplanes to go out of country every 30 days.  We flew to Corumba Brazil.  There were a lot of delays since we were conducting an international flight so we arrived back in Bolivia after dark.  The next day we went to get the Cessna 340 and fly back to home base.  This required the airplane to be inspected prior to departure.  It also provided an opportunity to witness to the inspector and police dog officer who brought his dog to sniff the plane for drugs.  On the way to the airplane they asked what we do.

This opened the door to tell them we are a Christian non-profit Seventh-day Adventist organization that performs humanitarian medical flights for free.  They were surprised and asked how expenses get paid.  We let them know it is totally by donation.  We told them about the TV station and invited them to come on the first Sabbath of each month for the program.  So, please pray for John and the inspector here in Santa Cruz that they will come to the program in May 6.

Teacher Jenny

Students in the Mission School in Bolivia
Some of the students in our Mission School in Bolivia

Mission School in BoliviaJenny is teaching the students at Red A De Venir.  She will take over the responsibility of the school in May after the current Head Teacher goes back to the United States. She is teaching grades 2 to 6 this year.  The students are children of the missionary volunteers working here.

We are currently on standby today for two Medivacs that need to be flown.  One boy has a serious head injury and another boy with an injured elbow.  Meanwhile, there is maintenance to be done on the Cessna 340, so tomorrow morning Brandtley will be up early to help find out why the pressurization is not working on the last flight to Brazil.

We are thankful to God for all His protection and traveling mercies and thankful to all of you for your prayers and wonderful support.

Long has God waited for the spirit of service to take possession of the whole church so that everyone shall be working for Him according to his ability. When the members of the church of God do their appointed work in the needy fields at home and abroad, in fulfillment of the gospel commission, the whole world will soon be warned and the Lord Jesus will return to this earth with power and great glory. “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” Matthew 24:14.  {AA 111.1}

May the Lord bless you!

In His Service,
Brandtley & Jenyve

Mission Field Bolivia



We heard the call.

So we sold all our possessions that could be sold, put things we want to keep in the storage shed, packed our clothes and flew down to Bolivia. Our flight plan is: Oregon-Tennessee-Florida-Puerto Rico-Guyana-Guayaramerin-Sta. Cruz, Bolivia. How’s that for an air trip? 🙂

We arrived in Bolivia in February 2, Friday afternoon after an all-night flight from Guyana and very little sleep since leaving Puerto Rico. We were able to get things unloaded out of the airplane and settled in before the Sabbath. We were greeted by many wonderful missionaries who my husband met last year when he was here.

On Sabbath, the studio broadcast the church service which they do once per month and pressed my husband into service on the keyboard. There was a very good sermon about the soon coming of Christ. What really striking is the fact that He will soon be destroying all these corrupt governments in the world. Their time is just about up.  Then we will have a peace and tranquility mankind has never known.

And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, [but] it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.  Daniel 2:44

My husband had the first divine appointment on Monday. We had bought a refrigerator and summoned a taxi to take it to our house. He rode in the taxi while I went for more shopping for household stuff. The driver asked if Donald Trump was a good president. That opened the door for conversation about what is coming up and that it’s time to get ready. They talked about the importance of keeping the 7th day Sabbath and that it will be the pivotal issue just ahead. That we need to be studying the Bible and praying to God each day, and truly giving Him our hearts.

What is amazing is the driver knew no English and my husband don’t speak any Spanish worth mentioning. But God put the words in his mouth to witness to the driver. If we are willing, God can use us in any situation. His name is Freddy and he’s the oldest of 8 children – he’s 24 yrs old.

Please pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to speak to him and water the planting of the seed.  We hope to meet him again although that will be next to impossible in such a large city unless God arranges it again.  Which He can and probably will.

It’s time to learn Spanish!

Today, my husband started putting the recording studio together so we can start capturing good music. Praise the Lord it will be done in an air-conditioned room. It is hot and humid here. The music will be recorded in the music studio first, then it will be mastered it and given to the video team for the singers/performers to lip sync to the music. The videos will be put with nature footage and then aired.

God has provided for our every need.

And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.  Isaiah 65:24

Our house. Used to be a slaughter-house for cattle. Previous occupants just made improvements.
Inside our house. Spacious living room and lots of windows, but no furniture except for the plastic table and one shelf.
Going bananas~~
The grassy runway.